Freight Broker Training REPLAY – 4 HUGE Mistakes that Freight Brokers Make When Hiring Employees/ Agents!
  (If you can't hear audio please click the sounds button at bottom right of video) 4 Hiring Mistakes Freight Brokers and Freight Agents Make When Hiring Mistake #1 - Not defining your [...]
How to Start Getting Shippers with LinkedIn
Recently I was fortunate and blessed to be get interviewed about how I have used LinkedIn to generate over $20 million in new business for my freight brokerage. Thriving Launch is one of the [...]
Freight Broker Sales vs. Freight Broker Marketing
As you may or may not know by now I have been doing LIVE Broker / Agent training's on Facebook for the past couple of months and the feedback has been overwhelming. Below is one I did on a topic I [...]
5 Bad Habits Freight Brokers Need to Avoid to Increase Productivity
Regardless if you are a freight broker, agent, w2 employees, truck driver or an entrepreneur of some sort, being productive is important to your success and your state of mind. The most productive [...]
Did You Take My Freight Broker Quiz Yet?
Have you taken the Freight Broker Quiz yet? 1,000's of people have taken my quiz to see if they have what it takes to become a successful freight broker or agent. It only takes about 3 minutes. Will [...]
Training REPLAY – How & Why Freight Brokers Need to Develop Strong Carrier Relationships
I hope you enjoyed this replay of the LIVE training I did recently. Click here if still curious about how to become a freight broker or freight agent in 30 days or less  check out my online [...]
4 Ways to Find Your Freight Broker NICHE! (REPLAY)
Download your FREE Cheat Sheet "How to Get 10+ Shipper Leads Emailed to You Daily" If you enjoyed this LIVE training then check out the links below to see 3 other Facebook LIVE training's I did [...]
Freight Broker Sales Training – Turning 1 Customer Into 10
Click the link below for your FREE CHEAT SHEET on"How to Convert 1 Customer into 10 without Cold Calling" [...]
3 Tips Guaranteed to Help You Get More Customers
One of the biggest challenges in building any successful business is getting new customers and the freight business is no exception! For some freight brokers getting new customers is easy.  For [...]
5 Freight Brokers Tips to 10X Your Odds of Success!
If you have heard my story before, you know that I had no experience when I started my freight brokerage back in 2003.  I joke about it but it's true, many of you know more right now about trucking, [...]

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