6 Resources for Running Credit Checks on Shippers and Freight Brokers
A step-by-step guide for freight brokers running credit checks on shippers. Running credit checks on shippers is very important for freight brokers and trucking companies to keep themselves [...]
Freight Broker Sales Training – How to Overcome the Price Objection
Tune into the this replay where I talk about a very powerful way to overcome the price objection. Click here to learn how to become a Freight Broker or Agent in 30 days or less. 100% money back [...]
9 Freight Broker Prospecting Tips on How to Get Past the Gate Keeper!
If you have ever made sales calls as a freight broker or freight agent you know it can sometimes be challenging to get past the gatekeeper.  This is where having some proven freight broker [...]
BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Plus 3 Resources Every Freight Broker & Freight Agent Needs in 2018!
If you are looking for free entrepreneurial training to help you become a better freight broker, here are 3 FREE freight broker resources to help you along on your journey. 1. Jaime Masters [...]
Top 3 Ways to Calculate Freight Rates to Get More Shippers!
How Freight Brokers Can Easily Calculate Freight Rates for Shippers! 1. Use the load boards: DAT.com, or Truckstop.com are the two that I have used for years and highly recommend. Both of them have [...]
Freight Broker LIVE Questions & Answers (Q&A)
For this weeks freight broker LIVE training I decided to so something different. So rather than me just picking a topic I decided to open up our weekly session to your questions. And from the # of [...]
How To Generate Over $200 Million without Landing on Your Head
#1. Be Humble No matter how good you think you are, there is always someone out there who’s better, faster and wants it more. In judo and in business you’re never more than a split second [...]
5 Tips to Ensure YOU Get Paid by Shippers!
Since becoming a freight broker back in 2003 I have learned the right way and the wrong way to ensure you get paid by your shippers. Some of these may seem like common sense but you might [...]
Dealing with Rejection as a Freight Broker or Freight Agent
If you are looking for help when it comes to rejections as a freight broker you've come to the right place. Fact is, rejection is just a part of the success journey. 4 Reasons Why Freight Brokers [...]
Should a Carrier Get their Freight Broker Authority?
In this short post I will be comparing a freight broker authority vs a carrier authority. The goal is to answer the question of, "should a carrier get their freight broker authority?" The short [...]
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