5 Tips to Ensure YOU Get Paid by Shippers!

Since becoming a freight broker back in 2003 I have learned the right way and the wrong way to ensure you get paid by your shippers.

Some of these may seem like common sense but you might be surprised how uncommon common sense is?

Here are 5 tips to ensure you will get paid by shippers

Tip #1 – Always run credit on shippers before you start moving their freight.

Once you learn how to run credit on shipper it will only take 5 minutes.

Tip #2 – Do not extend credit to shippers that have been operating for less than 1 year. 

Stats show that 50% of businesses go out of business in their first 5 years.  So businesses with limited operating history should pay you in advance by wire or credit card.  manage risk.

Tip #3 – Call your shipper’s accounting dept and confirm the following: (Only necessary after you have established credit)

  • Confirm the shipper billing address and ask if and how you can submit your invoices electronically,
  • Confirm what documentation is necessary with your invoice to expedite payment. A bill of lading (BOL) is almost always required, but sometimes they may require other docs like: scale tickets, toll receipts, lumper receipts, shipping manifest, load #, pro#, etc.
  • Always ask if they are interested in a 1% discount by paying their invoice within the first 10 days.  This is referred to a 1% net 10 discount.  Remember cash is not king….CASH FLOW IS KING!

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Tip #4 – Always invoice your customers quickly.

You do not want to sit on the invoices for days or weeks before you send the invoice. You need to make sure that all the necessary paperwork is included. Also try to send it electronically when an option.

Tip #5 Bonus Tip –  My Shipper Collection Strategy that Saved Me Over $250,000!

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If you implement these 5 freight broker tips I can virtually guarantee you will save yourself time, aggravation and most of all…MONEY!

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Dennis Brown
Owner/Trainer, www.FreightBrokerBootcamp.com

Owner, CEO

Dennis Brown the freight broker, is the owner of FreightBrokerBootCamp.com and former CEO of Logistic Dynamics, Inc. (LDi) one of North Americas fastest growing logistics providers. Dennis has over 25 years of hands on experience as an entrepreneur and is widely regarded as an expert in logistics, freight brokerage, business growth strategies and B2B sales and marketing. Dennis became a freight broker in 2003, as a one man operations with NO industry experience . He went on to do over $200 million as a freight broker, eventually selling the freight brokerage to spend more time with his family. Dennis Brown has trained over 10,000 students, in 16 different countries, how to become a freight broker or freight agent. Many of his students have went on to build highly successful and highly profitable freight broker businesses.

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