Earn $86k/yr as a freight broker agent…NO college required!
I have already shared with you how much top freight brokers can earn including my personal story, so today I am going to share how much money can be made working as a freight agent under a [...]
What is required to get your freight broker license in Canada?
If you want to get your freight broker license in Canada there are few steps you need to take. First let me start with the fact that the job of a freight broker in Canada is virtually the [...]
How to get your freight broker authority?
The first step to getting your freight broker authority is to seek out a reputable and reliable training program or mentor that meets your budgetary and scheduling needs.  Proper training is a [...]
What is “Shipping Wars?”
If you told me back in 2003 there would be a reality television called Shipping Wars centered around truck drivers shipping unusual items across the country I would have laughed in your face. Well [...]
How Much Can A Freight Broker or Freight Agent Earn?
One of the first things I researched before launching my freight brokerage was how much can a freight broker earn? I realized quickly that becoming a freight broker or freight agent can be very [...]
Who are a freight broker’s customers?
There seems to be ongoing confusion about who are a freight brokers customers? What type of businesses use freight brokers to manage their freight? Let's start with the basics, a freight broker [...]
What does mining for gold have to do with becoming a freight broker?
OK so let me explain my title. Have you ever heard of a show called GOLD RUSH ALASKA on the Discovery Channel? Recently I watched it for the first my first time and while my wife [...]
What is a truckload shipment?
Shipments come in various shapes and sizes just like people. While the term truckload shipment may seem self explanatory to some, I believe it's worth going into a little more details to better [...]
What is Backhauling? [Trucking/Logistics]
If you are freight broker or trucking company you may have been asked, what is a backhauling? The concept of backhauling freight, is the return trip of a commercial trucker that is transporting [...]
What is a load board?
A freight broker load board is a hub/website where motor carriers and freight brokers share information in an effort to develop mutually beneficial relationships. The concept is simple, motor [...]
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