How Linkedin Help Me Increase Sales By Over $1 million!
Social media is everywhere, if it's not Facebook or Youtube it's Twitter.  The world has gone crazy with social media.  It's everywhere including the internet, television and even our [...]
The 6 Secrets To Success – Regardless if you’re a body builder, actor, politician and yes even a freight broker!
People ask me all the time how were you able to build a $80 million + freight brokerage, starting with no experience?  It's a difficult question and so my answer sometime surprises them. [...]
Over 10,000 Freight Broker Training Students & Counting!
Not long ago we surpassed 10,000 Freight Broker Boot Camp student. We are proud to offer our members the most cost effective and comprehensive online freight broker and freight agent training [...]
Freight broker bond increased! How can you benefit from this new legislation? [2013]
Recently legislation was passed that increased the bond requirement for freight brokers from $10,000 to $75,000.  While the new bond requirement does not take effect until July of 2013 [...]
Freight Broker Training – Increase Productivity Part 2
In part 1 of Freight Broker Training - Increasing Productivity we covered the four main points listed below. 1. Make a plan everyday 2. Prioritize as if your life depends on it…because it [...]
Freight Broker Training – Increase Productivity Part 1
The job of a freight broker typically requires the ability to effectively multitask. Brokers, in most cases handle both the sales and operational component of the transaction so it can be [...]
Earn $86k/yr as a freight broker agent…NO college required!
I have already shared with you how much top freight brokers can earn including my personal story, so today I am going to share how much money can be made working as a freight agent under a [...]
What is required to get your freight broker license in Canada?
If you want to get your freight broker license in Canada there are few steps you need to take. First let me start with the fact that the job of a freight broker in Canada is virtually the [...]
What is “Shipping Wars?”
If you told me back in 2003 there would be a reality television called Shipping Wars centered around truck drivers shipping unusual items across the country I would have laughed in your face. Well [...]
Who are a freight broker’s customers?
There seems to be ongoing confusion about who are a freight brokers customers? What type of businesses use freight brokers to manage their freight? Let's start with the basics, a freight broker [...]
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