How to Become A Freight Broker in 7 Simple Steps [Updated 2024]
The primary goal of this website is to teach people how to become a freight broker or a freight agent. There are a variety of resources including both free freight broker training videos and [...]
Freight Broker Success Story: From Zero to 7 Figures In Year 1
QUESTION: Do you have any freight broker success stories from past students of your online freight broker training? The answer is of course! Many of my students them have went on to grow 6, 7 and [...]
Freight Broker Sales Training – 8 Killer Sales Questions Every Freight Broker Needs to Know
In this freight broker sales training post, I share 8 freight broker sales questions that every freight broker and freight agent should know. These sales questions are an important part of any [...]
Become A Freight Broker – What’s Holding You Back From Success
If you want to learn how to become a freight broker, you must also understand the biggest obstacles holding people back from success. PLUS I share 4 tips that freight brokers and freight agents can [...]
Freight Agent Training – From Struggle Freight Agent to Earning $300,000+ Per Year
In this freight agent training, I interview my long time friend Monica Gonzales. She shares how she did over $4 million in sales as a freight agent, which earned her over $300,000 in profit in [...]
How to Get Freight Broker Leads with Online Advertising
In this freight broker training video I share how to generate freight broker leads with online advertising. This is one of the secrets that BIG FREIGHT BROKERS don't want you to know. I break down [...]
The Shipping Rush Pushes Freight Broker Profits Forward
The freight brokerage business comes with a slew of opportunities, especially given the increase in demand for shipping services between retailers, manufacturers, and customers. However, over the [...]
Freight Broker Tax Tips – 7 Tips that Every Freight Broker Should Know
  All businesses have to pay taxes and freight brokers and freight agents aren't any different. The secret is to maximize your tax strategy to avoid over paying. That's why I decided to [...]
PART 2 of “9 Lessons To Help You Build a Successful Freight Brokerage”
Click here to learn how to become a Freight Broker or Agent in 30 days or less. 100% money back guarantee! Freight Broker Training PART 2 Lessons 6-9 9 Lessons From "The Compound Effect" [...]
9 Lessons To Help You Build a Successful Freight Brokerage PART 1 of 2
"The Compound Effect" by Darren Hardy is an easy-to-understand guide to getting big results by doing small things over and over again. You can think of it as your freight broker success roadmap. [...]
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