What is Freight Broker Certification?
The concept of freight broker certification is sometimes confusing to those interested in pursuing a career in domestic freight brokering.  Me included when I first got started back in 2003. [...]
5 Freight Broker Tips to 10X Your Success!
When I first started my freight brokerage back in 2003, I searched everywhere for freight broker tips to help me succeed. In most cases I was left high and dry with no answers and that's a major [...]
How to Get Your Freight Broker License! A Step by Step Guide
Want to learn how to get your freight broker license? Well I have good news for you. This article will show you how to get your freight broker license in 5 simple steps. Step 1 - Get [...]
What’s the Difference Between A Freight Forwarder vs Freight Broker?
Oddly enough the terms freight forwarder and freight broker are frequently used incorrectly. Mainly because people do not fully understand the difference between a freight forwarder vs freight [...]
Freight Broker vs Dispatcher: A Comprehensive Comparison
For those new to the logistics industry, you might be confused regarding the difference between a FREIGHT BROKER vs DISPATCHER? The main difference between a freight broker and a dispatcher is [...]
Should You Start A Freight Broker Business in 2024?
The short answer is YES. But let me explain why I believing you should start a freight broker business in 2024. In this article, I am going to share with you 3 important criteria you should [...]
Freight Agent Jobs and Opportunities in 2024
Back in 2003, before I started my freight brokerage, I had no clue what a "freight agent" even was. Today I will answer the most common questions I get about freight agent jobs and opportunities [...]
Freight Broker Earnings: How Much Money Can A Freight Broker Make?
Researching freight broker earnings potential was an important part of my research before launching my freight broker business in 2003. I realized quickly that becoming a freight broker or [...]
What is a Freight Broker and What Do Freight Brokers Do?
If you are new to the freight industry, you might being wondering, what is a freight broker and how do they make money? In this article, I will answer both of those questions and a whole lot [...]
How To Find Shippers As A Freight Broker [8 Free Resources]
One of the most common challenges that Freight Broker Boot Camp students come to me with is, "how to find shippers as a freight broker or freight agent?"  No matter how long you have been a [...]
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