Freight Broker Training – Increase Productivity Part 2
In part 1 of Freight Broker Training - Increasing Productivity we covered the four main points listed below. 1. Make a plan everyday 2. Prioritize as if your life depends on it…because it [...]
Freight Broker Training – Increase Productivity Part 1
The job of a freight broker typically requires the ability to effectively multitask. Brokers, in most cases handle both the sales and operational component of the transaction so it can be challenging [...]
Freight Broker Training – How to setup your home office!
There are over 15,000 licensed freight brokers and even more freight agents in the US and a large % of them work from a home office.  For some that means the basement, for others that means [...]
What is Backhauling? [Trucking/Logistics]
If you are freight broker or trucking company you may have been asked, what is a backhauling? The concept of backhauling freight, is the return trip of a commercial trucker that is transporting [...]
What is a load board?
A freight broker load board is a hub/website where motor carriers and freight brokers share information in an effort to develop mutually beneficial relationships. The concept is simple, motor [...]

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