Freight Broker Sales vs. Freight Broker Marketing

In this training I talk about the the difference between freight broker sales and freight broker marketing. Which for many freight brokers and freight agents is a bit of a mystery.

What is the difference between freight broker sales and freight broker marketing?

As a freight broker, sales is the process of increasing revenue via increased used of your logistics service to new and existing customers. Usually achieved by sharing the benefits to customers.

Common sales activities include: researching prospects, cold calling, cold emailing, face to face sales,  submitting rate proposals, sharing customer testimonials and more.

Marketing on the other hand is creating awareness among your target market of potential shippers.

Common marketing activities include: company website, social media, organic seo, online paid advertising, print advertising, webinars, direct mail, trade shows and association participation and more.

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Dennis Brown
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Dennis Brown the freight broker, is the owner of and former CEO of Logistic Dynamics, Inc. (LDi) one of North Americas fastest growing logistics providers. Dennis has over 25 years of hands on experience as an entrepreneur and is widely regarded as an expert in logistics, freight brokerage, business growth strategies and B2B sales and marketing. Dennis became a freight broker in 2003, as a one man operations with NO industry experience . He went on to do over $200 million as a freight broker, eventually selling the freight brokerage to spend more time with his family. Dennis Brown has trained over 10,000 students, in 16 different countries, how to become a freight broker or freight agent. Many of his students have went on to build highly successful and highly profitable freight broker businesses.

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