Freight Broker Sales Training – Turning 1 Customer Into 10

There’s an easy way to get shipper that most NEW freight brokers and freight agents don’t know about.

So today I am going to share how to get shippers using what I called the “Daisy Chain Method”.

How to Convert 1 Shipper into 10 Shippers!

Step 1 – Get customer testimonial letter that shares how you are over delivering and how much the customer enjoys working with you.

Step 2 – Document pickup and dropoff locations that your customer is shipping to by creating a sheet with the name, address, phone and contact person.

Step 3 – Contact the pickup and drop locations by phone with the following script.


Hi Joe, my company ABC Logistics has (delivered or picked up) at your locations many times for our customer XYZ Co. from Buffalo, NY.  I just wanted to thank you for helping get our trucks unloaded so quickly. We really enjoy working with XYZ Co, as a matter of fact, they recently wrote us a recommendation letter that shares how much they like working with us as well.

Do you mind if I ask you a question? If I had a driver in your area would you be the person to call about available loads coming out of your location?

Ok great, well we typically run (vans, refers, flatbeds) by any chance would you know what outbound lanes you run most often?  What about your inbound lanes?

Excellent…based upon the fact we are already delivering to your location regularly and our excellent relationship with XYZ Co. Would it make sense for me to submit some rates and availability for the lanes you shared with me?

Ok great…what’s your email? Excellent would it be ok to schedule a quick call to go over the rates and availability?

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Dennis Brown
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Dennis Brown the freight broker, is the owner of and former CEO of Logistic Dynamics, Inc. (LDi) one of North Americas fastest growing logistics providers. Dennis has over 25 years of hands on experience as an entrepreneur and is widely regarded as an expert in logistics, freight brokerage, business growth strategies and B2B sales and marketing. Dennis became a freight broker in 2003, as a one man operations with NO industry experience . He went on to do over $200 million as a freight broker, eventually selling the freight brokerage to spend more time with his family. Dennis Brown has trained over 10,000 students, in 16 different countries, how to become a freight broker or freight agent. Many of his students have went on to build highly successful and highly profitable freight broker businesses.

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    I appreciate the detail in this article. Well written and too the point!

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