From Struggle Freight Agent to Earning $300,000+ Per Year

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In this freight broker and freight agent training, I interview my long time friend and freight agent Monica Gonzales. I decided to interview her because she did over $4 million in sales which earned her over $300,000 in profit in 2019 and I thought her experience and insights could help anyone interested in becoming a freight broker or a freight agent.

During the interview we discuss:

– How she got started as a freight agent?

– Some of her early struggles and lessons learned

– Her #1 strategy for getting new shippers

– The biggest thing she wished she knew when she first got started

– Monica shares an interesting skill that she has that has directly attributed to her success as a freight agent.

– We also discuss some of her biggest challenges she has faced in growing a highly profitable business. 

 PLUS a whole lot more.

I hope you enjoy this change in format, I think interviews with real brokers and agent that are in the trenches, like Monica, can be a powerful learning tool for people looking to get started as a freight broker or freight agent.

If you enjoyed this training or you have QUESTIONS, click on the video that is embedded above and comment directly on YouTube and I will try to reply back ASAP.

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Dennis Brown

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