How to Get Big Shippers as a Freight Broker or Freight Agent

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In this freight broker training video I share the best way for both freight brokers and freight agents to get BIG shippers using a proven outreach and relationship building strategy.

During this freight broker and freight agent training we discuss:

– What is the dream 100 strategy for freight brokers?

– I share the Chet Holmes story of how he turned around a company using the dream 100 strategy.

– I outline how to start your own dream 100 program to start getting big shippers for your freight brokerage.

– We talk about example of how to do this type of outreach to shippers and much, much more!

So I hope you enjoyed this video training and if you did, please click on the video that is embedded above and comment on YouTube and I will try to reply back ASAP.

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Dennis Brown

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