How to Get Shippers as a Freight Broker with Online Advertising

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In this freight broker training video I share a secret that BIG FREIGHT BROKERS and AGENTS don’t want you to know.  I break down how freight broker and freight agents can leverage online advertising to get shippers for almost any freight broker niche.

During this freight broker training I share:

– What is pay per click advertising? [aka PPC]

– Converting click into shippers leads

– Real life examples of freight brokers that are using online advertising to get shippers.

– How to freight brokers can research keywords and setup a shipper ad campaign

– What is CAC and LTV and why are they critical for freight brokers to understand when trying to get shipper with online advertising.

– I walk through the math on how you can get a 10X ROI on your investment using PPC online advertising.

– PLUS a whole lot more.

If you enjoyed this training or you just have question, click on the video that is embedded above and comment directly on YouTube and I will try to reply back ASAP.

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Dennis Brown

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