4 HUGE Mistakes Freight Broker Need to Avoid When Hiring

Learning how to hire a freight broker or freight agent is typically a painful lessons for most freight brokers. There’s more to it then just posting a job ad and interviewing candidates.

4 Mistakes to Avoid When You Hire New Employees

Mistake #1 – Not defining your freight broker processes first.

Here are some examples of important processes you need to establish before hiring.

– New Hire Onboarding Process

– New Hire Training Process

– Customer acquisition process

– Credit assessment process

– Carrier vetting process

– Invoicing related processes

Mistake #2 – Not learning how to make money as a solo freight broker/ freight agent first

If you can’t make money as a solo broker or agent then you will not likely make money by hiring new people into your organization. The fact is, hiring people only makes your business more complex. Plus you as the owner are now responsible for training, coaching and managing new employees.

Mistake #3 – Killing cash flow by hiring full time brokers/sales people when part time people or independent brokers/sales contractor will work.

Hiring employees who work full-time can be costly and rigid. Independent contractors and part-time employees offer greater flexibility and can be hired on a need-basis. Companies can prevent overstaffing and preserve cash by doing this. Independent contractors can also create more flexibility as you grow your freight broker business.

Mistake #4 – The mistake of hiring fast and firing slow vs. the correct way of hiring slow and firing fast.

Hiring fast and firing slow is a mistake that has cost me hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollar. It took me year to figure out that you need to be more diligent when hiring and not hire based upon first impressions. And once hired, if a person is not meeting expectations and is not course correcting you may have to consider firing them.

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