7 Freight Broker Sales Tips on How to Get Past the Gate Keeper!

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If you have ever made sales calls as a freight broker or freight agent you know it can sometimes be challenging to get past the gatekeeper.  The gatekeeper is the person who’s job it is to screen calls for decision makers. A gatekeeper is usually an executive assistant or junior department member.

Here are 7 sales tips freight broker can use to get past the gatekeeper:

1) Gather some sales intelligence. Search for any piece of data or information that will increase the odds for you to make the sale.

2) Don’t try to sell the gatekeeper. They’re really busy so use your time wisely.

3) The gate keeper is your friend. You need to develop a relationship and rapport, (do sales intelligence on them). Befriend them.

4) Leverage their knowledge. They hold the key to the person you’re trying to talk to and help you get there.

5) Don’t lie, integrity matters. Don’t lie to get your way past the gatekeeper.  Reason = Obvious!

6) Call during off hours.  For example, before 8 am or after 5 pm can be a great time to get busy people on the phone.

7) Use people’s first names regularly.  It creates familiarity and builds trust and helps build rapport.

Bonus tips!

8) Find an ally in another department. If you’re continuously being sent to voicemail, ask to be transferred to the sales department. Try to develop a relationship and  gather sales intelligence with questions you have prepared for them. Use the information you gather and the relationship to get to the decision maker.  Always easier to get referred in from inside the company.

9) Get transferred in from the top down. Instead of going to the freight or logistics department, get transferred to the Vice President who manages the logistics department or the CFO or the CEO. When someone picks up say, “oh I am sorry I am trying to reach Joe Smith in shipping can you please transfer me?” Most corporate phone systems will detail who is transferring the call, and if they see their boss, CEO, CFO, etc they will most likely answer.

Now it’s time to take action.  Pick one of the 9 tips and put to work so you can get past the gate keeper and on your way to more new shipping clients.

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Dennis Brown
Owner/Trainer, www.FreightBrokerBootcamp.com

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