What is a truckload shipment?
Shipments come in various shapes and sizes just like people. While the term truckload shipment may seem self explanatory to some, I believe it's worth going into a little more details to better [...]
Timing is everything, why become a freight broker today?
I receive a lot of emails from people that are interested in the freight broker business and ask why believe now is such a good time to get become a freight broker....so let me explain. The freight [...]
What is a Freight Broker?
Back in 2003, before I got involved in the logistics industry, a friend of mine asked me if I knew, what is freight broker? Honestly I didn't have a clue. Based upon that fact, I figured [...]
Freight Broker and Freight Agent Blog!
Welcome to my freight broker blog, where I offer free freight broker and freight agent training tips and strategies. Over the yearsI have provided FREE freight broker training to over 100,000 people [...]

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