Success or Failure…It’s Your Choice!
I came across an amazing video this past weekend that I had to share with you.  The message about success or failure is very powerful and one that I have been sharing with people for almost 20 [...]
Freight Broker Training – Getting Past FEAR!
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Top 10 Quotes Every Freight Broker Should Live By!
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Why are you waiting for the all the lights to turn green?
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Self belief is the essence of success!
Every morning I make it a habit to read or watch something that inspires me and one of my favorite place to go is Youtube for freight broker motivation.  Today I watched a video that I had seen at [...]
The 6 Secrets To Success – Regardless if you’re a body builder, actor, politician and yes even a freight broker!
People ask me all the time how were you able to build a $80 million + freight brokerage, starting with no experience?  It's a difficult question and so my answer sometime surprises them. [...]