How to Become A Freight Broker in 7 Simple Steps [Updated 2021]
The primary goal of this website is to teach people how to become a freight broker or a freight agent. There are a variety of resources including both free freight broker training videos and [...]
How To Get Your Freight Broker License
Have you ever wondered what exactly you need to do in order to get your freight broker license?  Well it seems to be a question that I get quite often, so I decided to shoot this quick video to help [...]
What is a Freight Broker vs Freight Agent?
I decided to shoot this quick video because I get this question all the time.  What is a freight broker vs freight agent?  In this short video and blog post I will share the primary differences as [...]
Freight broker bond increased! How can you benefit from this new legislation?
Recently legislation was passed that increased the bond requirement for freight brokers from $10,000 to $75,000.  While the new bond requirement does not take effect until July of 2013 there are a [...]
What is a freight broker?
Back in 2003, before I got involved in the logistics industry, a friend of mine asked me if I knew what a freight broker was....honestly I didn't have a clue.  Based upon that fact, I figured it [...]

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