Key Differences Between a Freight Broker and Freight Broker Agent?
If you're interested in a rewarding career in the freight logistics and transportation industry, one of the questions I get regularly is, “What is the difference between a freight broker and a [...]
How Do I Get Hired as a Freight Agent!
One of the most frequent question I get is, "how do I get hired as a freight agent with no experience?" So I put together this 5 step guide that anyone interested in becoming a freight agent can use [...]
Earn $86k/yr as a freight broker agent…NO college required!
I have already shared with you how much top freight brokers can earn including my person story so today I am going to share how much money can be made working as a freight agent under a [...]
Freight Broker Motivation – Do you have what it takes?
What motivates you?  It is said by many there are only two things that motivate people, one is pain and the other pleasure.  During my life as a entrepreneur, husband, father, friend and son I can [...]
What is Backhauling? [Trucking/Logistics]
If you are freight broker or trucking company you may have been asked, what is a backhauling? The concept of backhauling freight, is the return trip of a commercial trucker that is transporting [...]
What is a Freight Broker?
Back in 2003, before I got involved in the logistics industry, a friend of mine asked me if I knew, what is freight broker? Honestly I didn't have a clue. Based upon that fact, I figured [...]
Freight Broker and Freight Agent Blog!
Welcome to my freight broker blog, where I offer free freight broker and freight agent training tips and strategies. Over the yearsI have provided FREE freight broker training to over 100,000 people [...]

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